About Us

About Us

We are an eco-conscious team driven by a fierce dedication to the environment. This deep-rooted commitment has led to the formation of “Green Cube Recycling Private Ltd,” with the goal of protecting our precious planet. Our team is passionately increasing awareness of the Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Crisis and igniting the interest in responsible recycling by providing sustainable solutions.

Our Focus

Our paramount focus revolves around tackling the formidable E-Waste Crisis head-on. The explosive surge in transformative technologies has revolutionized our existence, granting us countless advantages. However, lurking beneath their dazzling facade lie substantial and dire consequences, imperiling our cherished planet, Earth. Technologies are the primary catalysts behind the E-Waste crisis that causes substantial damage to our environment. 

Our Team

Akshay Mehta - Founder

Akshay Mehta is a visionary entrepreneur who recognized the urgent need for responsible electronic waste management and took decisive steps to address this growing concern. With a background in financial management and a deep passion for sustainability, Akshay Mehta embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way society deals with electronic waste. Prior to this venture, Akshay Mehta was residing in USA since 1996 and worked as a controller for various reputable companies.

Ashwin Mehta - Director

Ashwin Mehta is a seasoned professional with an unconditional commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable waste management. With a career spanning over forty years, he has exhibited exceptional leadership in tackling the complex challenges associated within the organization. Ashwin Mehta’s strategic vision, technical expertise, and unwavering dedication to reducing the ecological footprint of e-waste have positioned him as a driving force in our company. Ashwin Mehta was residing in USA since 1996 and worked as a consultant for various reputable companies.

Nayana Mehta - Director

Nayana Mehta is a dynamic and skilled professional who plays a pivotal role in the efficient functioning of our company. With a keen eye for detail, strategic thinking, and a passion for organizational excellence, Nayana Mehta oversees the administrative operations, ensuring seamless coordination, optimal resource utilization, and a conducive work environment.  Nayana Mehta was residing in USA since 1996 and was home economist and work for various charity in local community.

Ashvi Mehta - Head Of Operation

Ashvi Mehta represents the very essence of stability, reliability, and essential support that sustains the core functions and aspirations of our company. With an unparalleled dedication, Ashvi Mehta embodies the values and principles that define the organization’s strength and success. She has successfully implemented recycling plant and streamline the recycling process in organized manner. Ashvi Mehta was residing in USA since 2011 and worked as a consultant for various reputable companies.

Our Statistics

15 0 + Squre Meter
Plant Premise Area
0 + Metric Ton per year
Recycling Capacity
0 + Across PAN India
E-Waste Drop off location
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Number of Item Recycling

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